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Sergeant Andy Ezzo


Who Are We?
     The Greater Cleveland Police Scholarship Fund was incorporated on August 6th, 1999 as a non-profit 501C3 organization.  The Board of Trustees include: Andrew Ezzo, President; Sergeant Shamode Wimberly, Vice President; and Carmen Hernandez, Treasurer. 

     The Scholarship Fund was established to continue and add to what the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association (CPPA) began in 1998.  The Scholarship Fund supports the education of High School Seniors in the greater Cleveland area and provides support to surviving families of slain officers.

Why Are We?
     Throughout the year we pay tribute to the men and women who daily sacrifice their lives to protect life and property of those in their community and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice ~ their lives.

    Officer Robert Clark was tragically shot and killed in the line of duty July 1998.  The CPPA held a softball tournament raising funds to aide his surviving family.  The success of this tournament sparked a need to continue the tribute of slain officers and to benefit the education of children in the greater Cleveland area.  The Bob Clark Police Memorial Softball Tournament was borne August 1999.  Due to lack of interest and cost, August 2003 was the last Bob Clark Police Memorial Softball Tournament.  Other avenues and events will be added as needed.

     July 2000 the Scholarship Fund added a Police Memorial Motorcycle Rally to increase scholarship awards.  During the preparation of our First Annual Memorial Ride Officer Wayne Leon was shot and killed in the line of duty June 2000.  True to our mission half of the donations received went to Officer Leon’s family.  The “Police Memorial Rally” is a tremendous testimony to the strength of our community. The event is a remarkable outlet for officers and civilians to stand united paying emotional tribute to our fallen heroes. 

     February 2002 the First Annual “Salute to Our Heroes” benefit auction was added to our events.  Our first year’s proceeds were divided between the World Trade Center Police Disaster Relief Fund and the Scholarship Fund.

Where Does the Money Come From?
     The Greater Cleveland Police Scholarship Fund exists on generous donations from sponsors and fees associated with its annual events.  All fees are set in order to raise monies for the fund and not for profit.  All those associated with the fund are sponsors or volunteers.
Who Benefits?
Everyone benefits from this organization.  High School seniors in the greater Cleveland area who would like to continue their education and serve their community. 

     Those volunteering for this organization, benefit from the opportunity to outreach in their community.  Police families victimized by tragedy in the senseless slaying of their loved ones are comforted in the support given during these events. 

     The Peace Officers who are able to witness first hand the gratitude of a community giving thanks and sharing the loss for the ultimate sacrifice paid by Officers doing their job.

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