CONGRATULATIONS to all of our recipients!

Year 2000 Award: $2,000.00 Latonya Fore Ursuline College
Year 2001 Award: $3,200.00 Amanda Easter Elmhurst College
Year 2002 Award: $10,000.00 Nicole Carter Mount Union College
Year 2003 Award: $10,000.00 Amber Sheehan Xavier College
Year 2004 Award: $10,000.00 Danielle Williams University of Alabama at Birmingham
Year 2005 Award: $10,000.00 Lucia Pizzo Kenyan College
Year 2006 Award: $10,000.00 Julie Heffernan Ohio State University
Year 2006 Award: $10,000.00 Justin Morrow Notre Dame College
Year 2007 Award: $10,000.00 Richard Butler Ohio State
Year 2007 Award: $10,000.00 Allison Cupach West Virginia University
Year 2008 Award: $10,000.00 Ryan Butler Ohio State
Year 2008 Award: $10,000.00 Jeff Miranda University of Dayton
Year 2009 Award: $10,000.00 Molly Maruniak Cleveland State University
Year 2009 Award: $10,000.00 Michael McKay Miami of Ohio
Year 2010 Award: $10,000.00 Emilee Petrus University of Dayton
Year 2010 Award: $10,000.00 Marian Donahoe Ohio Northern University
Year 2011 Award: $10,000.00 Kristen Cuevas Ohio State University
Year 2011 Award: $10,000.00 Tiffany Strollo Lesley University
Year 2012 Award: $10,000.00 Katherine Lee Ohio State University
Year 2013 Award: $5,000.00 Victoria Eder John Carroll University
Year 2014 Award: $5,000.00 Emily Tolley Loyola University of Chicago
Year 2015 Award: $5,000.00 Samantha Betley John Carol University
Year 2016 Award: $5,000.00 Nicholas Kovesdi Miami of Ohio University
Year 2017 Award: $8,000.00 Brigid Bryant John Carroll University
Year 2018 Award: $8,000.00 Andrea Melaragno Loyola University of Chicago


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